Branding and Digital Case Study


Mile 5 Analytics

Logo, Business Card, Portal, App, and Deck Design

This leading healthcare SaaS customizes data-driven solutions to help organizations streamline operations and improve clinical outcomes. Mile 5 retained AJM to create a recognizable brand identity, bring a modern feel to healthcare branding, and execute it consistently across media.


Logo Design

While the old logo did not represent the evolution of Mile 5’s offering, the brand name holds significance to the founder, with numbers and letters that nod to family members and the Indy 500. It was important that the brand refresh respect these personal meanings while incorporating the company’s focus and appealing to target hospital stakeholders.

Blue as Primary Brand Color

  • Popular healthcare industry color according to market research

  • Promotes feelings of loyalty and intelligence

  • Lends clear readability to brand mark

  • Vibrant, electric blue reinforces refresh

Sans Serif Fonts & Justified Text

  • Clean

  • Crisp

  • Professional

Mark Composition

  • Showcase the 5

  • Reflect tagline with minimalist arrow as directional element

  • Offset styled 5 for a modern take


Business Cards

Our next branding objectives were to identify a secondary color and expand the brand system.

Bright Orange

  • Complements brand blue

  • Promotes comfort, fun, and relatability

  • Unique in healthcare tech

Motifs & Wallpapers

  • Chevron background echoes brand mark arrow and underscores directionality

  • Gradual increase in opacity generates sense of movement and preserves logo legibility

  • Brand mark bleeds off page for consistent offsetting


Portal Design

The goal of the client portal redesign was to create a sleek, easily navigable interface and branded user experience.

Charcoal as Additional Secondary Color

  • Shade makes blue and orange pop

  • Increases legibility and sophistication in busier design

Navigable UI

  • Simple header with callout stats

  • Gridded layout with clear titles

Branded UX

  • Icon style evokes brand mark

  • Rounded rectangular forms for circular aesthetic


App Design

We introduced brighter blue, yellow-orange, and lighter gray as tertiary colors to lift and vary the palette. I handed off designs to my app development partner with specific instructions on animation, functionality, and branding specs.

Amanda Jones McNay