Logo and Squarespace Web Design Case Study



Logo, Branding, and Squarespace Website Design

Coach Randy Lane is a National Champion gymnast and Award-Winning Collegiate Coach. He has been a trusted force in the gymnastics community for over 30 years and is now offering workshops and one-on-one coaching to gymnasts seeking college scholarships.

Peng-Peng Lee performing Homa flares

Peng-Peng Lee performing Homa flares

Logo Design

Coach Randy Lane recently stepped down from his position as a coach at UCLA and decided to build his own businesses coaching and mentoring gymnasts in their pursuit of college gymnastics scholarships. In doing so, he wanted start the branding process with a logo that appeals to both the student athlete and the parent.

Given Coach Randy Lane’s long history at UCLA, he wanted to incorporate blue as the brand’s primary color as well as UCLA gymnast Peng-Peng Lee performing Homa flares. He was also particularly interested in the idea of suggesting movement in the logo.

The final logo features the primary blue, along with several bright, yet sophisticated, accent colors. The graphic of Peng-Peng is enhanced by a painted look complete with splatters that create the idea of movement. The design is rounded out with an athletic sans-serif font.

Squarespace Web Design

The challenge of the CRL website design was to appeal to his audience gymnasts, parents, and club coaches. The design needed to be fun and inviting while also being sophisticated and professional.

The addition of black to the color palette gives the design a more high-level look along with the choice to use black and white photos throughout the site. Banner photos are filtered in brand colors to incorporate gymnastic imagery while keeping the text overlay legible.

Headings maintain the CRL logo font to keep brand consistency and site-wide animation takes the browsing experience to the next level.

Amanda Jones McNay